Bachelor of Science in Medical Radiological Technology

Radiological Technology deals with the application of different types of radiations and allied tools for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Radiations of significance are all the ionizing and non ionizing radiations like the complete electromagnetic spectrum – radio waves to cosmic radiation, ultrasound waves and particle type atomic radiations. Besides, use of nuclear magnetic resonance and application of various radio nuclides in medicine also form significant components of this programme. Graduates in Radiological Technology are professionals who mostly work as technologists in medical institutions. They are in great demand both within India and abroad. Potential for employment abroad for such professionals is tremendous and continues to register a constant upward trend only. Besides, industry engaged in the design, manufacture, and sale of radiological systems of varied types need these graduates as application specialists. Thus, successful candidates who complete this course are sure to get useful employment in the public and private sectors in India as well as abroad. There is a great demand for these professionals in all the developed and developing countries and the present annual intake in such courses world wide is far short of the requirements. Hence, career opportunities for radiology technologists will continue to be bright and rewarding in the near and distant future.


  • Eligibilty : +2 Science / VHSE Science
  • Duration : 4 Years


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